Approval Process


You be the Judge


DMR claims that water quality will be better simply because some run-off treatment is planned while now there is none.

We claim that water quality will be worse because even if DMR manages to filter 50% of pollutants out of all run-off water, increasing traffic 6-8 fold would still result in 3-4 times as much pollution entering World Heritage Areas. We also note that DMR plans to treat run-off only in some areas and that the IAS itself states that water collection systems to remove 50% of pollutants are "greater than practical", with other words a lot less than 50% of pollutants would be removed.


DMR claims that this photo montage represents the view from an eye level of 1050mm.

We claim that it would be impossible to see the surface of the barriers if your eye-level is lower


DMR claims that it can replant any cuts and fills and uses sample images from the Palmerston to show how well things grow and green up here in FNQ.

We claim that the Palmerston area has much better soil and much higher rainfall than the Kuranda range and the small trial replanting in Kuranda near Fanton road is a dismal failure. Not only are there big washouts after the first rains, but about half of the plants are dead and the weeds are taking over.
To use that system for the range would result in horrible views from the coast.

These are just three examples of the misleading and false information in the IAS. How can our politicians rely on such shoddy reports if even a school kid knows better?