Kuranda Range Road - saved from becoming a Four-Lane-Highway


This website has being created to provide you with more information on the issues surrounding the planned Kuranda Range 4-Lane-Highway. 
I also think that FNQ could really do with a group of people who lobby our politicians for sustainable Transport, Energy and Planning Solutions on behalf of future generations (please contact me if you would like to join this group).

I probably first heard about the planned Kuranda Range "Upgrade" in 2004 through a concerned local community group. My first reaction was: 'great, about time Main Roads does something about the worsening traffic situation'.

Then in August 2004 I happened to visit a Main Roads display stand in Fogarty Fountain park about the range road. That is when I realised that this was no ordinary "upgrade" but a massive new development. What really shocked me was watching the eyelevel virtual drive DMR produced to give people an idea what driving the planned 4-Lane Highway would be like - it looked like a concrete walled racing track to me. Interestingly, ever since DMR refuses to supply a copy or show that eye-level virtual drive in public again.

This is a typical example of DMR's highly biased approach to this proposed highway. Every possibly positive aspect of the highway is exaggerated and repeated over and over again while any negative aspects are ignored or hidden in a single sentence within hundreds of pages.

After reading some of the many impact assessment reports and finding many inconsistencies, a huge bias, many instances of misleading statements and even factually wrong information, a group of us approached DMR and state politicians with our concerns.

Their reaction was to spend more money to produce even more misleading virtual images to make the project look better and to ignore or brush over other concerns and any alternatives.

For years state politicians have refused to consider any alternative options even though the projects budget has more than doubled since the decision for the 4-lane highway was made and some alternative options (like a well planned limited upgrade or rail with drive on/off carriages)) have never even been considered. State politicians have failed to objectively inform the public on the available alternatives and the many significant negative impacts of FNQ's largest ever infrastructure project.

State and local governments also ignore requests to remove the dozen's of stinking Cairns rubbish trucks from the range road. This is an indication of how little they care about the users of the Range Road who have to drive behind those slow and sometimes putrid trucks.

Nor is there any commitment to use existing rail for commuting from Gordonvale to Cairns, despite growing congestion on the southern access roads and ever increasing fuel prices.

These are just two examples how a little bit of money can make a big difference to peoples daily lives. 

Our society needs to take STEPS (Sustainable Transport, Energy and Planning Solutions) to minimise, mitigate and avoid the effects of climate change and peak oil and the sooner we take those steps, the better. At stake could be the very survival of humanity and most life forms on this planet, but at least the survival of most humans.
Unsustainable development in the past has destroyed much of the worlds natural assets, plundered many of its natural resources and now threatens to change the climate to such a degree that harvests are likely to fail and large parts of the planet could become inhabitable due to extreme weather. We can ignore this threat only if we do not care about our children and future generations. Most Politicians seem to care only about the next election, so we need to show them that we will elect only those politicians who show that they care more about our long-term future than their own short term one.

After long and hard campaigning this issue is a big win for our community group.

We were able to convince the state government that planning a ten
thousand people suburb in this unique environment is contrary to
Australia's World Heritage obligations. This urbanisation was stopped
and with it the Four-Lane-Highway which quadrupled in costs since it
was approved.

 This is one example that people-power can win the day.